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Do you require nitrogen-pumping services for your intervention? XDI Energy Solutions provides highly advanced and efficient nitrogen equipment all throughout our operating area in Alberta and British Columbia. We offer our services for pipelines, industrial operations, and stand-alone well-servicing applications in the industry performed by trained and knowledgeable personnel.

Our fleet of low-rate pumps, bulkers, and onsite storage vessels is ready to meet your project requirements. Reach out and speak with a member of our team today.

Applications of Our Nitrogen Units

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Nitrogen pumping units can also be used in stand-alone operations to perform the following:

  • Managed pressure milling and cleanouts

  • Drill-stem testing

  • Gas Lifting

  • Foam clean-outs

  • Tubing burst discs

  • Inert operations

  • Pressure testing

  • Purging pipelines and facilities

  • Well displacements

Large industrial gas pipelines in a modern refinery at sunrise

Superior Nitrogen Equipment Available

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